My 2017 Books in Review

2017 was a pretty banner year for me when it came to reading.  I smashed my reading goal with ease, reading 126 books toward my 100 goal.  There was a good mix of fiction, nonfiction, graphic, teen and some childhood classics I had missed, and this year I finally dabbled with some audiobooks.  Audiobooks have... Continue Reading →


The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

“Yes, I am certain it’s infatuation. I’ve felt it before.” Now Ash was the one who became a maelstrom of irrational emotion. That emotion being jealous anger. “Toward whom?” “Why should it matter?” “Because,” he said, “I like to know the names of the people I despise. I keep them in a little book and... Continue Reading →

2018, Here We Come!

Happy New Year everyone! After the garbage fire of 2017, I am hopeful that 2018 will be better.  Let's be real, it's more like I'm begging for it to be better.  I can't take another in the 2016/2017 cavalcade of suck. I spent New Years with my sister and niblings and I'm currently driving home,... Continue Reading →

Strange Weather by Joe Hill

I love a novella and/or short story.  There's nothing better than a clean and tight story, with just enough detail to hook your attention and make you crave more at the end.  And here, Joe Hill has created four stories that hit you in different ways.  Each of them is beautifully crafted, and they each... Continue Reading →

Christmas Joy and Cheer to All Who Are Near

Enjoy the holiday season everyone! I plan on spending today sacked out on the couch with my kitty, a warm blanket, and a big ole cup of hot cocoa. And of course, a nice pile of books for the new year.  Your regularly scheduled content will continue later this week. Merry Christmas!

Lost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis

“Some people aren't meant to stay in your life. But, that doesn't mean you can't carry a piece of them in your heart.” Jill Shalvis makes a return appearance to the blog, this time with her first straight up woman's fiction story.  And while there are certainly romantic elements, in this case I almost wished... Continue Reading →

Crash Override by Zoe Quinn

If you're a woman who's ever gone online, chances are, you've been harassed at least once or twice.  Whether it's someone being an utter dick to you while playing an online game, or some guy trying to mansplain something to you that you clearly know, or being called a bitch or all manners of foul... Continue Reading →

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