Taking a Spin on the Discworld

The only Terry Pratchett book I have ever read is Good Omens.  And yes, I do realize that this makes me a heathen.  Because while Good Omens is absolutely amazing, it’s also a collaboration with Neil Gaiman, and it just confirms that I am one of those people who has never read a Discworld novel.

I’ve heard about Discworld before, and I know of a few of the characters.  I don’t know any context, but I’ve heard the names Sam Vines and Granny Weatherwax, and I know of the giant turtle with a disc-shaped world on its back.

But I also know that the Discworld universe is vast, with over 40 books, and overarching and twisting between various characters and storylines.  So I was always super intimidated to try it out.  Do I start at the beginning, and read chronologically, even though I’ve been told that the first few Discworld books are the hardest to get through?  Do I pick a random main character and read their books in order? Do I curl up into a ball and weep softy in the corner?

That indecision kept me from trying out one of these books for the longest time.  But no more.  I’m going to give it the ole college try.  The ole one-two punch.

I figure I’ll start at the beginning, and hope that the magic of Discworld sweeps me up in its embrace and takes me on a magical ride.  After all, I trust in Terry Pratchett.


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