The Answer by Rebecca Sugar

“She was never meant to see Sapphire look at her like this – fascinated, bewildered, impressed – as if Ruby were the most important Gem in the universe!

What on Earth?!”

This is such a lovely picture book.  Written by the creator of the show Steven Universe (which is personally one of my favorites), this book is directly linked and basically a physical story version of a season 2 episode of the show, also named The Answer.  So if you’re just starting out with Steven and the Crystal Gems, you might want to wait until you catch up to read this.

Image result for the answer rebecca sugar

But if you have, this book is gorgeously illustrated and colored.  The palette is such a stunning array of pastels, that I immediately was drawn into the book.  The characters look exactly as they do on the show, and the story is a sweet little gem (heh) of a romance.  Sapphire and Ruby change the course of the future and how many gems see them because their love for each other causes them to act outside of their normal duties.  Sapphire is meant to serve as a sacrifice to allow the Gems to colonize Earth.  Ruby is meant to fail in her duty to protect Sapphire.  And yet.  And yet, Ruby cannot allow Sapphire to be hurt.  And Sapphire cannot allow the others to shatter Ruby for her transgression.  Their love is so strong that it changes the entire course of history for these characters, and for the planet.  And that’s lovely.

Steven Universe is a touching show that talks about things like personal identity, kindness as a dominant trait, dealing with panic and anxiety, coming to grips with the shadow of a parent over your life, – it’s a deep show that doesn’t talk down to kids and yet uses humor and charm to make these lessons palatable and understandable. This sweet picture book showcases some of the best of the show.



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