Literary Starbucks by Nora Katz, Wilson Josephson, and Madeline Poskanzer

“Daisy goes up to the counter and orders the drink society expects and has pressured her into ordering. Everyone hates her for it anyway.”

Literary Starbucks is a funny and tongue-in-cheek book born from a popular Tumblr blog all about how your favorite authors and literary characters would order at Starbucks.  As you can tell from the quoted portion above, there is nothing held back from these sassy critiques.  Katz calls out F. Scott Fitzgerald’s putting Zelda in a facility, the suspicious nature of Harper Lee’s second book, various authors’ rage at being misunderstood, and much more, all cloaked within the familiar confines of the coffeehouse.

You’ll see poets, classic authors, epic writers, and even a few modern day scribblers (hello John Green and J.K. Rowling) represented here.  And, of course, you’ll find their characters.  Gandalf, Aslan, Jay Gatsby, Holden Caulfield, the March sisters, the Bennet sisters, etc.- they’re all represented within this slim volume.

I love these kinds of books because they have such little nuggets of comedy.  They’re so easy to read in my 15-minute breaks, and often some of the passages made me giggle and read them aloud to my co-workers.  There are some bits that will make you groan out loud or snicker at how on the nose they are, and there will probably be a few authors and characters that you don’t recognize that might spur you toward new reading material.

Either way, this is the perfect kind of light, frothy (can I think of more coffee terms?) read that makes the summer nights go down so smooth (there we go). I giggled, I read, I craved some coffee.



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