The Joy of Reading at Work

Celebrate Teen Literature Day on Thursday at the Dickinson County Library. Anyone who checks out a Young Adult book during Celebrate Teen Literature Day will earn a treat. Also, from 4 to 5 p.m. at all branches, tweens and teens are invited to a Silent Reading Party. Young adults in grades six to 12 who read quietly during the Silent Reading Party will earn a tasty treat. For more information, go to the library’s website,, call us at 906-774-1218, or email Amanda Griggs displays some great teen reads at the library.

(Me at work, with books.  I’m sure everyone is amazed. Also the books featured here are some of my favorite teen titles. What up Jellicoe Road!)

I know what you’re all thinking.  I work at a library.  I must read at work ALL THE TIME.  Except no guys, I have actual work to do.  Libraries do not run on hopes and dreams alone.  I’ve got stuff to catalog, items to check in and out, and people to help. Unfortunately, the only reading I do while on the job is flipping through book reviews to find items to order for our collection. (Which I cannot deny, is fun.  I enjoy finding my next victim.)

However, I do make a point of reading at work- during my breaks.  I get two 15 minute breaks during a shift, and I find the best way to center myself and give me a moment of calm is to break out my current read, and dive back in for just a moment.  Maybe I get through a chapter, maybe I can finish an issue or two of a comic book, but either way, it allows me to refresh and go back out and tackle the day with renewed vigor.

This might not work for everyone, but I think it helps me be a more productive worker.  After I’ve had a little reading break, I find that I feel better.  I feel accomplished to know that I used my break for something that I enjoy.  So give it a try.  It might work for you too.



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