The Whole Art of Detection by Lyndsay Faye

“In the broad light of day, I could not give his tale nearly so much credence as I had granted it when sitting rapt before a midnight fireplace whilst the tempest without erased the natural world.”

I really really enjoyed this you guys! I have always been a casual fan of Sherlock Holmes- I’ve read just a few of the tales (I know, I know, I need to read them all, I know), I’ve seen at least one of the Jeremy Brett films, all of the Downey Jr’s, Sherlock and Elementary.  I’ve read books with Sherlockian inspired characters, and one very cool nonfiction title called The Devil and Sherlock Holmes that features the story of a Sherlock Holmes expert who is found dead in a mysterious manner.  So needless to say, I know a bit of Holmes.  And in my casual fan appreciation, I feel like Lyndsay Faye gets these characters oh so right.

This book features some of Faye’s best loved Sherlock tales, and two new ones.  Since they were all new to me, I was looking forward to experiencing them all.  I have liked Faye’s work before (her book Jane Steele was one of my favorite reads from last year), and I loved it here too.  These tales span the lives of Holmes and Watson from younger men to before and after that fateful Swiss waterfall.  The stories are slyly funny and full of wit that even Conan Doyle could appreciate. The mysteries were interesting, the characters complex, and there was even some weirdo science that you could have found in the classic tales.   I think some of my favorite stories of the collection involved an injured beggar clothed in beautiful clothes, a written cry for help from a mysterious location, and a blustering buffoon of a dandy who wants to parade Sherlock around at a party like a barking seal.  If you’re a Sherlock fan, either casual or devout, there is much to like here.


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