Film Review: Wonder Woman

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Well.  That was wonderful.

(I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

I saw Wonder Woman Thursday night- I plan on going to see it with a bunch of coworkers, but honestly I couldn’t help myself.  I needed to see it the earliest I could.  I wanted to see if the DCEU could finally (FINALLY) make a movie that would matter as much to me as so many of the Marvel films have.  If a woman superhero film could be an amazing as I wanted it to be.

And they did you guys.  They totally did.

I’m not going to lie to you, I totally cried in this film.  I teared up on the drive home, and as I kept thinking about the film.  Partly because the emotional heft of the movie gets so much right.  And partly because FINALLY.  Finally there is an amazing kickass woman led superhero movie, where she is the focus, and it was AMAZING.

I thought Gal Gadot did a superb job showcasing Diana’s combination of innocence and strength, and her chemistry with Chris Pine was outstanding.  And Chris Pine! Oh man, Steve Trevor could have so easily gone south, but his comedic timing, which has always been fantastic, carried that role.  He was charming, he was sweet, he was funny and heartwrenching, and he has a silent moment near the end of the film that just had me catching my breath and weeping softly.  I’m a crier guys.  And this film got me.  Their romance worked for me so well, and I just wanted more of them.

The Amazons. What to say about the Amazons? Other than do you think they’d take a chubby short chick into their badass ripped arms and teach me all their ways? I could have watched a whole movie just about them and their life on Themyscira.  I would watch a movie about Hippolyta running that revolt.  I would just watch them walk around and spar like fucking badasses for the rest of my life.  It was AMAZING.  Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright were so great, and I loved that the filmmakers got athletes to fill out the Amazons.  That made the fight scenes so much more impactful.  You could tell these women could really fight.

The rest of the supporting case was lovely.  I loved loved loved Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, she was such a bright spot in the film and so utterly charming.  I’d love to see her return in a sequel and get more of her relationship with Diana.  Sameer, Charlie and the Chief, Steve’s ragtag support group were alternately funny and delightful.  I especially loved a little moment between Diana and Chief where he tells her that Steve’s people were the ones that stole his land, and her face as she begins to understand how multifaceted the world of men can be.

And the direction.  Oh man.  Patty Jenkins, thank you.  This film was so beautifully shot.  Themyscira looked like the paradise it’s supposed to be, the trenches felt authentic.  So much of the film felt like a fantastic World War I film that just happened to feature Wonder Woman, and that WORKED.  Diana’s shining optimism and fortitude just shone so beautifully throughout the film, and Jenkins made Gal Gadot look strong and gorgeous and striking.  And the fighting! Robin Wright has one moment during the big German/Amazon battle at the beginning of the film where I literally did a little dance in my seat.  I didn’t have a giant audience at my showing, but a guy behind me let out a “holy shit” at that moment, deservedly so.

I’m just so happy.  I’m so happy Wonder Woman, one of the greatest superheroes in comics history, finally has a film worthy of her.  I’m so happy that this film came out now, in a time where women deserve to have something to enjoy.  I’m tired of the man-fest that superhero films have been since the dawn of time.  Women are strong, and kickass, and amazing, and we deserve to see ourselves on the screen.  Wonder Woman is a step in the right direction.  I can’t be objective about this.  I came, I saw, I cried, I loved.  Long live Wonder Woman.  Long may she reign.


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