Habitica: A Fun Way to Tackle Your To-Dos

Habitica is a super fun website and app to tackle your to-do list by encorporating an RPG style game aspect.  I’ve been using Habitica for a couple of months now (as FreeReverie), and I’ve found that my productivity has improved and I’ve forgotten less things that I tend to do on a scheduled basis.

When you create your account with Habitica, you start off with three different categories of items that you can accomplish: habits, dailies, and to-dos.  I find it helpful to put certain tasks that I want to do on a daily or semi-daily basis in the dailies, like reading an hour each day or doing push-ups (trust me, it helps).  The habits are for those items that you want to become better at, like drinking water throughout the day or taking the stairs instead of an elevator.  I use the to-dos function at the start of my day to keep track of any task that I want to complete by the end of the day.  That way when I get to the end, I can see what I have left to accomplish, and I can always push something to the following day if its not super time sensitive.

As you complete these tasks, you earn experience that allows you to level up and coins to purchase cool items like gear and potions.  You can also earn items like animal eggs, hatching potions, and food for said animals once they’ve been hatched.  You can have a whole menagerie of mythical and fantastical creatures, and grow them to be mounts for your character. Once you reach level 10, you can select a class: warrior, mage, rogue, and healer.  Each class has its own benefits: rogues have better perception to find items like animal eggs and potions, mages can cast a spell to freeze your tasks so they don’t harm you if you fail to complete them, warriors are better at fighting bosses, etc.  So far I’ve been both a rogue and a mage- the cool thing about Habitica is that you can restart your journey and tackle a new class if you want a change of pace.

Through Habitica, you can also participate in quests or challenges! You can join a party through the Tavern, and with your party you can fight quest monsters to earn cool equipment, rare animal eggs, gold, experience and more.  The quests are varied and can be either earned through gaining levels, or purchased with gold or gems.  Challenges are created by other Habitica members and they have themed tasks to motivate you through the months.  They have challenges based on reading, exercising, motivation, and more!

If you are someone who loves lists and checking off the things you finish, this is a great website to check out.  They’re really great with helping out newbies getting started- there’s a Habitica Wiki with tons of helpful hints and links to start your journey.   I’ve had a lot of fun using Habitica, and I highly recommend it.


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