Gotta start somewhere.

I have been enthralled with books since before I can remember.  My mother fondly tells me that she taught me to read when I was four because she couldn’t keep up with my voracious need to read, to keep learning new things.  She thought if she taught me how to do it myself, I’d be able to attack with a pace that would suit me.

Most of my fondest memories involve reading.  Begging to read just one more chapter of Little House in the Big Woods before bed at 5.  Entering the world of Stephen King for the first time at 9. (It was Cujo, during a blackout.  I read it with a flashlight tucked under the covers of my bed.  Highly recommend.) Riding my bike every weekend to the local library, with a backpack stuffed full of books to return, only to refill it with that week’s findings and making the journey home.

So needless to say, it’s no surprise that I became a librarian.

I’ve been working at my library for eight years now, and I am currently our Cataloger. Which means I have the most amazing selection of books from all age ranges that cross my desk each week.  I love to read from all genres, so I sometimes I feel like I need to sit on my hands to keep from adding yet another book to my towering to-read list.

This blog will be where I review the books I’m reading and hopefully loving, to showcase the stacks of books I will take home from work, the gems I buy from stores, the covers I cannot resist, or any book-based articles or news stories I might want to talk about. Books are such an important part of my life, and I cannot wait to showcase them fully here.


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