Librarian at Work…

Hello everyone! I am currently attending a library workshop learning all sorts of fantastic things and some pretty routine ones, which means the reviews will be going on a minor hiatus while I'm out of town and being scholarly. I hope to get the reviews back up again by Wednesday if I have time to... Continue Reading →


By the Book by Julia Sonneborn

We got an Austen adaptation in the hoooooouse! By the Book is another modern take on a Jane Austen classic, this time putting Persuasion into the modern college academic setting.  Our two love birds were once college sweethearts engaged to be married, until a misunderstanding sent them in opposite directions until years later, when he... Continue Reading →

Stealing the Show by Joy Press

Oh man, I love an insider's account book.  I love getting all of the dirt, all of the little details behind the scenes.  I especially love these kind of books when they deal with movies and TV, because I'm a pop culture junkie and I find them FASCINATING. So this book, which takes a look... Continue Reading →

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