My Fav Females: a New Series

As time continues to pass and I keep getting older, I have been reflecting back on my favorite characters from books when I was a kid and teenager, hell, even through college and up.  And for so many of them, they are women. Strong, smart, courageous women, who lived life and taught me lessons about... Continue Reading →


The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth/the Painted Dragon by Katherine Woodfine

We're back with amateur detectives Sophie and Lil as they begin to make names for themselves as true sleuths while working out of Sinclair's Department Store! I'm really enjoying this series as it proceeds- it's one of those that gets richer and more detailed as it continues, shading our characters with new life experiences and... Continue Reading →

2018 Work Reading Challenge Update #1

Since the year keeps trucking along, I've been trying to chip away at the categories that I had left to complete for my work reading challenge. As a reminder, here are the categories I had left to complete when I first posted about the challenge: medical drama learning a new hobby book of poems about... Continue Reading →

Still Life by Louise Penny

One of the categories I needed to read for my work reading challenge was a Canadian author, and my co-worker insisted that I check out this book. The first in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, Still Life feels like a more modern day Poirot, a mild-mannered detective who has an almost eerie ability to pay attention... Continue Reading →

A Duke in Shining Armor by Loretta Chase

This romance made me giggle.  Repeatedly. Nothing like a madcap romance with a runaway bride, the groomsman who tries to bring her back, the drunk groom who doesn't quite know what's going on, a passel of brothers, and the shenanigans that ensue. Olympia is exactly the kind of heroine I love to read about in... Continue Reading →

A Little Wednesday Morning Giggle

After I finished the absolutely stupendous The World Only Spins Forward (review to come), I paged through the list of participants in this oral history.  And while there were some descriptions that I found humorous (especially with the choice of certain projects for some of the actors), this one made me full on giggle. I... Continue Reading →

Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire

Ohhhh yeah.  This series has become one of my all-time favorites for all eternity, amen. The first drew me in so completely, since I have always been a fan of books about other worlds and those who adventure within them.  It's why I so instantly fell in love with the Fairyland series by Catherynne M.... Continue Reading →

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