Quick Reviews: April 9 – 15

Another slow week, this time hampered by an extra-long work week and the return of Game of Thrones, of which I ended up watching a bunch of episodes I had already seen since my brother and sister are getting caught up. I can't believe there are only a couple of Thrones episodes left y'all -... Continue Reading →


Teen Books That Should Be Movies, Part 2

I'm back on my bullshit, and in this case, my bullshit is loving teen books and wanting them to be made into movies so I can love them all over again in a new medium. And my list just keeps getting longer and longer, as I truly adore teen lit so DAMN MUCH, so really,... Continue Reading →

Quick Reviews: April 2 – 8

When we last left off, I had shit the bed. Figuratively. Reading wise. I read absolutely nothing last week. And while I did feel a little disappointment, especially after the great streak I had in March, I knew I had used my time in a way that I felt good about. My friend was here,... Continue Reading →

Quick Reviews: March 26 – April 1

I spent the last few weeks of this month powering through all of the books I had on hold and checked out from the library, and finally broke through to actually reading something I had purchased and not gotten around to. And then... Huma arrived. And my reading speed went right the fuck out the... Continue Reading →

What I’m Loving Right Now – March 2019

March was a month of madness (hey-o), filled with great movie releases (I'm looking at you Captain Marvel and Us), a nonstop job that is both incredibly satisfying and unbelievably exasperating occasionally in equal measure, never enough time in the day, and a visit from my BFF.  It had it all! But what it also had was... Continue Reading →

Quick Reviews: March 19 – 25

This week had a book that I was just not that into, a nice little twisty thriller, a second outing with my favorite cocktail comedienne, and THE BEST BOOK EVER. Nothing like leading into the end of March with a FUCKING BANG. From highs and lows, let's jump into this rollercoaster of a reading week.... Continue Reading →

Quick Reviews: March 12 -18

Just call me Speedy Gonzalez, because I am RIPPING through the books this month. Seriously, two of my best reading weeks back to back, with nothing that I didn't enjoy.  Sometimes that can be such an accomplishment in itself - just having a week where each book ends with a smile on my face because... Continue Reading →

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