Bitch Planet (Vol. 1 & 2) by Kelly Sue DeConnick

I LOVE BITCH PLANET. Bitch Planet is a comic book series from my girl Kelly Sue DeConnick, of the amazing Captain Marvel fame, all about a frightening future in which women are routinely and systematically oppressed and jailed for not following the status quo.  Our heroines are all prisoners on the so named Bitch Planet,... Continue Reading →


The Dry by Jane Harper

“Death rarely changes how we feel about someone. Heightens it, more often than not.” This was a great atmospheric mystery and a start to a series that I can't wait to pursue.  Set in an Australian small town beset by drought, you can feel the dust emanating from the pages.  The people in this book... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Challenge Update

I am a huge fan of the Goodreads Reading Challenge.  Being able to set your own standards, give yourself a goal to work toward to keep yourself motivated to read- it's all good.  And as of October 2, I have completed mine. I always set a goal to read 100 books a year, and this... Continue Reading →

The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero

“If you can, I implore you to watch this scene. It’s seven seconds long. Three hours. Thirty-two takes. And it was only the second day of filming.” I have never watched The Room.  For some people, this is like admitting that you've never seen Citizen Kane.  Which I have also never seen.  I know, I... Continue Reading →

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