Just Some of the Books I Want to Read in 2020, Part One

I have so many anticipated reads for this year, including a bunch that I am not mentioning here, just so that this post doesn't last for ten years. I'm including just a smattering of the books that I want to read, focusing mainly on the front half of the year. Because honestly, I cannot keep... Continue Reading →

Looking Back at the Year of Gamache

Oh man. This is going to be hard for me to write. Because how to do you sum up one of the most fulfilling reading experiences you've had in your life? You can't really. So much of what affected you and made it special is hard to sum up with words. Just picture me flailing... Continue Reading →

I Am So Graceful Y’All

Today I was planning on writing a post to finally sum up my Year of Gamache from last year. And then I managed to set off a back spasm while taking off my pajama pants to take a shower. Yep. I am grace personified. So while I dose up on pain relievers on my way... Continue Reading →

January Madness at the Library

For some reason, this January has been an absolute fustercluck at my job. Way more than usual. Not only do we have all the tech issues that we've been dealing with since October which are still not fixed or complete or dealt with in a satisfactory manner, but I've also had an absolute fuckton of... Continue Reading →

The Curse of Meh

I've now read two books in a row that my overall reaction to was "meh." Which to me, is worse than if I hated them. "Meh" is a lack of connection, a lack of investment. "Meh" is a giant waste of time when I currently have 18 items checked out of the library and an... Continue Reading →

Tech Hell and How I’m Still In It

Oh yeah. We're still in it. It has been over three months since my library's initial server crash, the subsequent hacking, and the slow unfurling of my ability to deal with all of this. I won't lie, some small things have progressed in a positive direction. I got e-mail back after six weeks, but none... Continue Reading →

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